One Booked For Manufacturing Gun, Question on Volunteer System?

Thu May 12 2022 18:03:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite the intention to bring the flagship Volunteer system in Andhra Pradesh was good as their services can be used to take the welfare schemes to the footsteps of the beneficiaries, the behavior of a few Volunteers is raising severe doubts about the whole Volunteers system.

Recently, the Andhra Pradesh High Court also said the same and asked what right the Volunteers have to prepare a list of beneficiaries of the schemes as the Secretariat employees were supposed to do the same. The Court sought an explanation on the same issue.

Amid this, a Volunteer was reportedly booked as he was found manufacturing a gun looking at the YouTube tutorials. As the place he stays is close to the forest area, he gets to see various wild animals. He thought of hunting the wild animals when he goes to the forest.

Without wasting any time, he swung into action and started exploring the YouTube options. While making the gun, his neighbors heard big sounds coming from his house. They approached the police against him. The cops showed up and opened the door. After seeing guns and materials that go into making the local guns, he was arrested.

The shocking incident was reported from the Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh. The volunteer who was arrested is identified as Ravi. He was sent to the nearby hospital and further investigation is going on.