One Month Gone, Boat Still In Godavari River!

Tue Oct 15 2019 18:46:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nearly 50 lives were lost by the boat sinking in the Godavari river, which has been completed a month now. On September 15, the Royal Vashishtha boat carrying the tourists at the Devi Pattanam Mandal Kachchulur in the East Godavari district was snapped. At the time, 77 people on the boat were in danger. However, 26 of them were rescued. Another 38 people lost their lives.

But 13 others are still unknown. Their family members gave up hope of finding. Officials estimate that some of the corpses may remain in the sinking boat. There have been several attempts by the government (the Dharma Satyam team) to pull it out. But all those efforts failed.

Attempts were made on September 30 and it continued till the third day of this month.

However, with the floods at the Godavari river, the extractions were halted for a week. In the wake of floods disappearing the Dharmadi Satyam team started work again with the permission of Collector.