One Political Family Is Laughing, Other Unhappy In Kurnool

Tue Feb 05 2019 12:45:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

One political family that is deeply upset with Kotla family joining the TDP is another political family - the KE family. Both the families have been at loggerheads for decades and have been traditional political rivals. They have fought pitched political battles all along. So, it is but natural that the KE family, especially deputy chief minister KE Krishna Murthy is upset with the development. The family feels this will threaten their family's primacy in Kurnool TDP.

Already, Kotla have cold vibes with TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu. KE has been sulking that despite being the incharge of revenue department, he has been kept out of the loop of capital city building at Amaravati. Several appointments in his department too have been made without taking him into confidence. KE is meeting Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday to discuss his political future and the place in the TDP especially after Kotla's joining. KE Krishna Murthy, his brothers KE Prabhakar and Pratp, son Shyam met Chandrababu Naidu. Though he has said that he has no problems working with Kotla family and that he had earlier too worked with them, he is deeply unhappy. He is said to have expressed his displeasure over Kotla being asked to contest for the Kurnool MP seat and his wife being asked to contest from neighbouring Nandyal. If both the MP seats from the district are given for one family, what about others, he is said to have asked Chandrababu Naidu.

Meanwhile, Kotla has already indicated that he would contest from Kurnool.