One constituency, 3 claimants to MLA post

Sun Nov 28 2021 16:50:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

One constituency and three groups within the ruling party.... this in short is the story of the TRS in Nakrekal assembly constituency in undivided Nalgonda district. The sitting and the present MLA are fighting a battle of one-upmanship here. A former MLC too has thrown his hat in the ring to complicate the matters further.

In Nakrekal, Chirumarthi Lingaiah, who won on the Congress ticket in 2019, defected to the ruling TRS. This has  pitted him against defeated TRS candidate and TRS ex-MLA Vemula Veeresam. Both the leaders have been at loggerheads ever since. There were even occasions when both have gone to the police to complain against one another.

Now, Neti Vidyasagar, who till now was an MLC and deputy chairperson of the council, too has become active in the constituency. Several second level TRS leaders are meeting him. As a result, he is being perceived as a threat by MLA Chirumarthi Lingaiah. He is said to have threatened those who have met Neti Vidyasagar with dire consequences.

There are nagging doubts in the hirumarthi Lingaiah camp that Vidyasagar would want to ontest for the MLC seat in 2023 elections. With three claimants to the same position, the ruling TRS is a deeply divided house in the constituency.