One rule for Eatala, another for Vanama

Mon Jan 10 2022 18:27:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Remember the alacrity with which the KCR-led state government acted in case of Eatala Rajender. In case of Eatala, the KCR government ordered an inquiry minutes after his own TV channel aired a report of Eatala's land grab. By the next morning, the officials had submitted a report and said that Eatala had indeed grabbed land. Within minutes of the submission of the report, Eatala was dropped from the Cabinet. All this happened in a matter of one day.

Now take the case of Kothagudem's TRS MLA Vanama Venkateswara Rao.His son Vanama Raghava Rao is said to have driven a family of four to suicide. Vanama Raghava is said to have harassed the family of Ramakrishna of Paloancha to no end. He is alleged to have asked Ramakrishna to send his wife to him. Left with no option, Ramakrishna took a selfie video explaining Vanama Raghava's devious ways and then ended his life.

Despite this it took nearly five days for the party to expel him from the party. The party waited and watched as report after report revealed how Raghava was running a parallel government in Kothagudem. But the party leadership did not act. It was only after there was a public outcry, did the TRS government act. Till now, no explanation was called from Vanama Venkateswarlu.

This shows that those in power have two sets of procedures – one for those who sail with them and another for those who do not toe their line. The government which acted with lightning speed in case of Eatala, is deaf and mute in case of Vanama. Can someone in the power structure explain why this difference?