Ongoing Pandemic Continues To Ring Danger Bills Across The Globe

Mon Aug 03 2020 13:18:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ongoing pandemic, which has its roots from the dragon country China is getting deeper and deeper as the respiratory disease has spread to 213 nations across the globe.

The fresh infections and fatalities in connection with the ongoing pandemic are increasing daily across the world, raising many fears and concerns about the spread of contagious disease.

Looking at the total infections of the ongoing pandemic globally, the total infections surpassed the 1.80 crore-mark as the cases reached 1,82,37,573. The fatalities stood at  6,92,851.

The only good thing about the virus spread is that the total recoveries of the contagious disease zoomed to over 1.2 crores, as 1,21,40,004 people recovered from the virus and the active cases stood at 60,97,569.

Out of the countries in the world the situation in the top three worst-affected countries, i.e. United States, Brazil and India reached an alarming level with the rapid growth of the cases.

The United States, which is the worst-affected country has a total of 4813647 cases of the virus. With 2380217 patients managed to recover from the virus so far, the active cases stood at 2275065. On the other hand, 158365 patients lost their lives to the disease.

Talking about India, 52,972 fresh infections were reported in a single day and the total cases increased to 18,03,696. While 11,86,203 patients recovered from the virus,  so far 38,135 people succumbed to the dreaded virus. There are 5,79,357 active cases in the country.