Only THREE Clean Cities in India: Survey

Tue Jul 12 2016 15:54:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

A study conducted by Science and Environment Centre (CSE) reveals only three cities in India have been clean. The survey based on Waste Management names Aleppuja in Kerala, Goa's capital Panaji and Mysuru in Karnataka as the only cleanest cities in the country. New Delhi has been placed at rock bottom in the list.

As per results of 'Not In My Backyard', about 80,000 metric tonnes of waste per day has been produced in India. This will shoot up to 260 million tonnes by 2047. In future, A portion of land equalling the entire area of cities like Hyd, Mumbai and Chennai will be required for waste management.

CSE Director Sunitha lauded the efforts of Keralites in waste management. She told people of Kerala were managing the waste by recycling it and converting it into compost. She also cautioned people in other states to be prepared for the worse if such practices weren't followed.