Opposition Asks If 2k Ban is Damage Control Of Demonetisation?

Sat May 20 2023 19:18:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took many sensational and unexpected decisions over the years. But the decision to demonetize the existing banknotes is sensational so far. The banknotes which are in circulation for the past few decades were canceled with just one decision. People waited in long queues to get notes as circulation was in limit initially.

Now a similar decision was taken. The other day, the Reserve Bank of India announced that 2000 notes will be withdrawn from circulation, and those who have the notes can change them in the banks. The only difference between the two incidents is that demonetisation was announced by Narendra Modi and the new decision was announced by RBI.

The decision is getting mixed reactions. Few say that the decision will not impact common people as big notes are not in circulation among people. Only those who have the big notes will face issues.

However, the opposition parties are lashing out at BJP and Narendra Modi. The Congress party is asking why the decision was taken and is asking what was achieved with the demonetisation of existing notes back then.

Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge lashed out at Narendra Modi on the note ban and said that demonetisation is a big attack on the economy and the new decision rubs salt into the wound. He even asked if the ban on 2000 notes is a cover-up of the old mistake of demonetisation.

"Now, the 'second demonetisation' of ₹2000 note... Is this a cover-up of a wrong decision? Only an unbiased investigation will reveal the truth of the matter," Kharge asked in a tweet made in Hindi.