Outsiders find themselves out of place in BJP

Mon Feb 22 2021 12:14:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

A new major problem is cropping up in the Telangana BJP these days. Though a large number of big names from other parties are queuing up to join the BJP, especially post the Dubbak and the GHMC elections, the party does not seem to have any work for them.

Interestingly, many leaders had joined the BJP in the hope that they would be well-placed in the BJP, whose stars are rising. They felt that the anti-incumbency building up against the TRS government will help them if they joined the BJP. Most of them are joining amid much fanfare and under great media glare. But, once they join the BJP, the party does not seem to have any plan for them. After a couple of press conferences, these leaders are largely confined to their homes. They do not become part of the party's core strategy group. In many cases, they do not even get information about key party meets. Except for a handful of leaders, the other leaders are largely ignored even by the Central leaders.

As a result, those who have joined the BJP, especially in Telangana seems to have no work in the party. What more? These leaders, who are accustomed to the TRS or the Congress brand of politics, find themselves out-of=place in the BJP, which has a different set of working rules. As a result, these leaders do not know who to approach.