Over 40 Cheque Bouncing Cases On Bandla Ganesh!

Wed Oct 16 2019 19:01:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actor turned producer Bandla Ganesh is no stranger to controversies. He became a subject of trolls when he said that he is a very influential person and can get a photo with Donald Trump. After that, he went on record and offered to slit his throat if TRS wins the assembly elections. After that, he remained quiet for a brief period and is now back again with another new set of troubles.

There is talk that Maharashtra police are searching for him with arrest warrant because of some unknown activities. The truth is yet to come out on this. Keeping this aside, there are a lot of cheque bouncing cases on him which is quite a surprise. Sources say that the number of such cases crossed 40.

News is that, lot of these cases are from Proddatur region in Kadapa district. This region is known for industrialists and rumours are that he lifted a lot of money from them by making false promises. With this, Bandla Ganesh created a new record for having over 40 cheque bounce cases over a single person. Let us wait and see with what does this maverick producer come up in the future.