Over 60 Nations on the verge of becoming next Sri Lanka: Experts!

Mon May 16 2022 18:44:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

The recent Sri Lanka case is a classic example of how the nations should not take the financial issues for granted and how keeping a blind eye towards the economy will lead to a disaster. The prices of all commodities went up touching the sky and people hit the roads to fight against the government.

After the Prime Minister stepped down, the crisis came a bit down and the new Prime Minister has a lot to do to deal with the crisis. Sri Lanka's issue is an eye opener for many nations.

As a concerning issue to the world,more than 60 nations across the globe are on the verge of repeating Sri Lanka's fate given its financial status. The inflation rate is also alarming in many nations.

The world is not in a good mood now as every nation is related to others and one nation having issues will impact the rest of the nations. For example, look at the Russia and Ukraine war.

Nations like India and others are dependent on nations like Russia. Due to the war, Russia is not giving enough importance to businesses leaving others impacted.

On the other hand, the nations that import Wheat from the two nations also faced issues and made temporary arrangements for the supply. With India saying no to exports of Wheat, these nations are expected to have a tough time.

The economic experts are saying that if the world nations don't take the issue seriously and start focusing on precautionary measures, then they would also face Sri Lanka like scenes.