Own Community Leaders Fires Revanth on Casteist Comments!

Tue May 24 2022 15:23:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana firebrand politician Revanth Reddy was made the Chief of the Telangana wing of Congress, despite a tough competition within the party. Since then, there has been no stopping him. Revanth Reddy is aggressively attacking Telangana Chief Minister KCR and the TRS on every possible occasion. Recently, he brought Rahul Gandhi to Hyderabad for an event, which received good footfall.

Revanth Reddy took everyone by surprise by making casteist comments. Though the reason is not known yet, Revanth Reddy praised the Reddy community to the sky and said that the community has the skills and credibility to take care of governance and even gave a call to Reddy members to stay united.

Amid mixed opinions on his casteist comments, leaders from his own community are hitting back at him for this. TRS MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy came down severely on Revanth Reddy and said that the TRS party is encouraging credible leaders irrespective of the castes.

Joining the force, Minister of Labour and Employment of Telangana Malla Reddy reacted to the issue and lashed out at Revanth Reddy. He reportedly dubbed Revanth Reddy as false Reddy and urged him to not indulge in such things.

Malla Reddy went on to say that he has been facing issues with Revanth Reddy since the duo has been with the Telugu Desam Party and Revanth Reddy has been threatening him on his colleges.

There are many leaders from the Reddy community, who went on to hold big positions. But they did not make such comments. Despite their caste identity, leaders cannot win the elections until all the communities support them. Looks like Revanth Reddy forgot this.