PK Wants Undavalli To Be In Rajya Sabha

Tue Feb 05 2019 13:13:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Strong buzz is doing rounds that Pawan Kalyan offered to nominate Undavalli Arun Kumar to Rajya Sabha if he is interested. Both Undavalli and Pawan have mutual respect. While Undavalli was a member of PK's Fact Finding Committee, Pawan attended the All-Party Meeting convened by the Former MP.

Pawan Kalyan believes a Leader like Undavalli Arun Kumar who have vast knowledge on the Parliament Procedures should be in the Upper House. He feels Undavalli could bring a discussion in the Parliament over the injustice happened to Andhra Pradesh.

Already, Pawan invited Undavalli to join Jana Sena Party but the Senior Politician turned down the offer. Will he accept the Rajya Sabha Nomination?

To nominate any Leader to the Upper House, Jana Sena will have to win at least 30-plus MLA Seats. Is there such a possibility at least with 2019 Polls?