PM Modi Recalls His Fond Memories with his mother on her Birthday

Sat Jun 18 2022 14:30:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi who scripted history by becoming the non-Congress leader to serve as the PM for two consecutive terms walked down the memory lane and remembered the fond memories he has with his mother. On a special occasion, Narendra Modi shared an emotional note for his mother.

Narendra Modi's mother Heeraben Modi is celebrating her 100th birthday today. On her birthday, Narendra Modi went to her house and spent some time with her. After wishing her on her birthday, the Prime Minister washed her legs. Narendra Modi mentioned all the beautiful memories he has with his mother.

Saying that the word mother has many emotions, the Prime Minister of India shared a long blog to highlight the close bonding he has with his mother and how she played a key role in shaping his life.

"Maa… this isn't a mere word but it captures a range of emotions. Today, 18th June is the day my Mother Heeraba enters her 100th year. On this special day, I have penned a few thoughts expressing joy and gratitude," the Prime Minister said in his tweet.

On the special occasion of the 100th birthday of his mother, Narendra Modi recollected many moments from his childhood, he has with his mother. Calling her mother a strong person, Modi said that no matter how strong the struggle is her mother remained rock solid.

The Prime Minister recalled his humble background, how they used to live in a small house where water would leak when it rains. Shedding light on the persona of his mother, Narendra Modi said that, his mother used to take care of all the household work and even do other works to help the family in meeting the end needs.

"During the rains, our roof would leak, and the house would flood. Mother would place buckets and utensils below the leaks to collect the rainwater. Even in this adverse situation, Mother would be a symbol of resilience," the Prime Minister said talking about his mother."Her thought process and farsighted thinking have always surprised me," Prime Minister Narendra Modi added.