PRC Issue: Govt Unable to pacify the employees!

Mon Jan 10 2022 11:51:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Seeing the protests called by the Andhra Pradesh employees union demanding the address of their proposals getting intense, the government had constituted a key committee to look into the matter and make recommendations on how to go ahead with the matter.

The committee led by Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary Sameer Sharma had made as many as 11 recommendations on the PRC (Pay Revision Commission) issue. Earlier this week, the Andhra Pradesh government invited the employees' associations and the representatives for a meeting to discuss the issues.

After the meeting, the government announced that the employees will get a fitment of 23 percent, 23.29 percent to be precise. On top of this, the retirement age was also pushed to 62 which used to be 60 earlier.

However, the main twist emerges here. According to the grapevine, the employees who pinned a lot of hopes on the associations and representatives that they will make the government understand their issues and increase the fitment are not happy with what they have done and criticizing them.

The Andhra Pradesh employees associations and the representatives who held talks with the government over the PRC issue are reportedly facing the heat from the employees who are raising their voices against the issue, reports said.

The Secretariat employees are also not happy with the way the Employees' Association joint action committee (JAC) dealt with the probation issue as the probation declaration is delayed further. They have reportedly launched a protest against this and a marathon was started by the employees.

The employees are reportedly not happy with the issue and are gearing to go the agitation route for one more time as the long-pending issue is not addressed. The JAC members are unable to pacify the employees reportedly and the reports say that the issue had slipped out of the hands.

Earlier, the media reports said that secretariat employees are protesting against the probation declaration issue by leaving the WhatsApp group. Besides this, they are also demanding the address of other demands. We have to wait and see how the issue is addressed effectively without dragging the issue further.