PVP Files Defamation Suit On MP & Two Channels

Sat Apr 13 2019 20:08:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijayawada YCP MP Candidate Prasad V Potluri announced his plans to file defamation suit against an MP and Two Media Houses for allegedly launching bad propaganda to tarnish his reputation. 'Few Individuals and Channels had made baseless allegations against Me. Someone has to teach a lesson to those who violate the law. I will show the power of law to them. I am going to defamation suit on the MP, TV5 and Mahaa News seeking a compensation of Rs 100 crore each. I will proceed legally and fight tirelessly for years to drag them to the roads. Or else, This becomes a bad precedent,' he opined during the press conference in Vijayawada.

PVP recalled Court offering clean chit to him in the false cases filed against him in the past. He added, 'Chandrababu Naidu alleged that I was involved in Coalgate Power Scam. Actually, Y Harish Chandra Prasad was involved in that scam. It was Babu who allotted lands for him. My Name was no where in the charge sheet filed by CBI. Chandrababu Naidu is apt for the word U-Turn in Telugu Dictionary. EVMs were used when Babu won elections in 2014. May be, He forgot it'.

The Industrialist claimed he produced 150 Films and a recipient of National Award. 'Star Heroes and Heroines worked in our banner. We respect the agreement and proceed legally if anyone violates it. I decided not to respond on the baseless allegations until the completion of elections. That Actress walked out a week before the start of the shoot. We moved a civil-criminal case and then she returned the advance given by us,' he clarified while responding on the allegation of harassing Shruti Haasan after she walked out of 'Oopiri'.