PVP A Non-Local, Not Local: Kesineni Nani

Wed Apr 03 2019 17:25:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Local & Non-Local Factors might always have an impact on the voters. People mostly prefer who are accessible to them and the one who resolves their issues. At the same time, They don't care about the candidate who does nothing for his native place even if he is local. That's what happened to Megastar in 2009! People of Palakollu preferred a Woman Candidate fielded by Congress over Chiranjeevi in that elections. Chiru might have reached greater heights in Film Industry but he hasn't done anything for his native place. That aspect proved costly for him when he contested elections.

Now, The same local factor is working against PVP in Vijayawada. TDP Candidate Kesineni Nani alleges, 'Although this Industrialist hails from Vijayawada, He has done nothing for Vijayawada. All that he earned was invested in Hyderabad itself...That makes him a non-local'.

PVP aspired to contest as TDP-Jana Sena candidate from Vijayawada in 2014 but missed the opportunity because of Kesineni Nani. He is now contesting against the Sitting MP Nani on YCP Ticket. Jana Sena Supporters & even the caste equations are working against PVP.  

Kesineni Nani succeeded in creating an impression that PVP won't be available to the people of Vijayawada even if gets elected as MP. The mass image of Nani and local factor is going to come in handy for TDP here. Let's see if PVP can achieve a positive result against all the odds..!