Padma Shri For Bicycle Mechanic! Why Is It So?

Mon Jan 27 2020 19:32:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mohammed Sharif, popular as Sharif Chacha, is one of the 118 Padma Shri Awardees announced by the Government of India on the eve of 71st Republic Day. What has he done to be conferred with fourth highest civilian honour of the country?

In the span of 27 Years, Mohammed Sharif performed the last rites of over 25,000 unclaimed bodies. 27-Years-Ago, This Good-hearted Person lost his Son but he came to know about the sudden demise only a month later. Ever since then, He has been performing the last rites of unclaimed bodies.
Speciality of Mohammed Sharif is performing the last rites as per the deceased person's religion. While Cremation was done for the Hindus. Burying has been preferred in the case of Muslims. Indian Government recognized the selfless service done by Sharif Chacha for close to three decades.

Could you believe that Mohammed Sharif is a bicycle mechanic? All you need is good heart and service motive to earn the respect of 130 crore Indians. Kudos to Sharif Chacha!