Pak News Paper's Response On Modi Win

Tue Dec 19 2017 15:08:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Gujarat assembly elections grabbed the attention of not only India but it the other countries as well.  The elections results were out and we all know that BJP has retained the power in Gujarat once again.  PM Narendra Modi has personally fought the election battle tooth and nail for the win.  He used all the cards like a party, government, Hindutva, relations with neighboring countries etc.  During his elections speeches, he alleged that Pakistan is interfering in the elections to defeat BJP.  S0me political analysts say that these comments worked in favour of BJP in the last moment. Whatever be the case, Narendra Modi has won the elections once again.  Pakistani news daily came up with an interesting analysis of Modi's Gujarat win.

It is known that Modi talked about Pakistan's involvement in the elections during the election campaign.  He alleged that senior Congress party leaders have discussed Gujarat elections with Pakistan.  He alleged that Manmohan was present in the meeting with Pakistani leaders.  He said that ex-Army Chief Deepak Kapoor also discussed the Gujarat elections issue with Pakistan.   He said that high commissioners from India and Pakistan attended the meeting.  Pakistani news daily Dawn analysed that dragging Pakistan into the scene has worked for Modi to win Gujarat elections.

Dawn has explained the background of that meeting as well.  Former external affairs minister of Pakistan Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri recently visited Delhi to attend the marriage on special invitation from Royal family of Rampur.  A Britain based NGO has invited him for another meet and they have arranged a dinner. Mani Shankar Aiyar who is a Cambridge University classmate has also attended that dinner.  Former Indian PM Manmohan Singh, Ex-Army Chief Deepak Kapoor, Pakistan high commissioner Sohail Mahmood also attended the dinner.  

Narendra Modi has effectively utilised this meet for the Gujarat election campaign.  He leveled allegations against Congress leaders that they have joined hands with Pakistan for defeating BJP.  Dawn went on to analyse that this has worked for BJP and he was able to attract Gujarati voters.