Pandemic Effect: HYD Metro suffers losses in Crores!

Thu Jul 15 2021 21:15:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since it's inception, Covid has left a big impact on various sectors and public transportation is one of them. We can still see people not preferring Metros to reach their destination leaving them in losses.

From the day lockdown was imposed and till the first wave of the virus, the Hyderabad Metro is said to have suffered a loss of mammoth Rs 200 crores.

Hyderabad Metro's struggles continued during the second wave of the pandemic too. As per the reports, Hyd Metro faced severe loss of Rs 400 crore between April to June. In just two months, the Metro has clocked two times the loss reported during the entire first wave.

It is said that HYD Metro is running with a daily loss of Rs 5 crore after the restrictions were lifted after the second wave. With no option left, the authorities had sought a helping hand from the Chief Minister of Telangana.

Going by the reports, CM KCR directed the authorities to submit a detailed plan on the lossed based on the concessionaire agreement.

Even after the government lifted all the existing lockdown restrictions in the state, people are still hesitant to take Metro fearing that they might catch the virus.