Passenger's Mobile Records Visuals Of Nepal Aircraft Crash!

Mon Jan 16 2023 15:07:10 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

January is often regarded as one of the unlucky times in Nepal's history as some or the other disaster are recorded in this month almost every year. Following the deadly trend, another disaster was reported the other day. The Yeti Airlines flight carrying as many as 72 passengers crashed on Sunday leaving 68 dead.

The ATR 72 aircraft which left from Kathmandu crashed before landing in Pokhara which is a big tourist place in the Himalayan region. The majority of air passengers lost their lives in the deadly crash.

The airplane crash was recorded by a mobile. Shortly before the crash, a person was live on Facebook. The person started recording his journey on the flight and also showed the view from the flight. But things changed quickly and there was an explosion.

Though the investigating agencies are yet to confirm the authenticity of the video which is doing rounds on social media, Abhishek Pratap Shah, a former MP of Nepal and Central committee member of the Nepali Congress said that someone sent him the video.

Adding further he went on to say that the video was from a mobile device that was recovered by the Police from the accident spot. So many say that the video might have been recorded shortly before the aircraft crashed.

It is known that five Indian passengers are traveling on the aircraft along with others. One of the five Indian passengers was live on Facebook. The video has visuals of passengers entering the aircraft slowly and the air carrier taking off slowly.

Minutes later the video sees a disturbance and gets blurry. It is believed that the mobile phone stopped recording proper visuals after it crashed. We can see fire followed by screams from the passengers in the aircraft.

The rescue teams reached the spot immediately for the rescue. The concerned authorities are busy unearthing the reasons for the crash and the search is underway for the black box of the airplane. Once the box is retrieved then we might get clarity on the exact reason behind the aircraft crash that left around 70 people dead.