Pandemic Dairies: Longest Suffering Patient In UK Recoveries After 141 Days

Mon Aug 03 2020 19:45:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a piece of good news, a patient who fought with the ongoing pandemic for as many as 141 days manages to recover from the contagious disease and got discharged from the hospital accordingly.

Going into detail, Fatima Bridle was admitted to the Southampton General Hospital in the United Kingdom as the 35-year-old suffered various health issues along with respiratory disease allegedly.

Her health derogated to a level that she went into coma following her lungs collapsed. Later, she was kept on ventilator support. She not only recovered from the lung failure, but also with the pandemic.

Talking about this period, Fatima Bridle said the time in which she went into coma is horrible and thanked the doctors and staff members of Southampton General Hospital for helping her in recovering from the virus.