Pawan Kalyan Did Not Realize For A Long Time?

Mon Mar 13 2023 18:04:26 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Politics is politics. No matter who does what and how many morals they say it is next to impossible to change politics. They can elude if possible. Coming to AP now, during the last elections, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan spoke many Righteous sentences. He urged people to not take money if anyone gives. He breathed fire if people would sell themselves for money and spoil their lives and state future.

Recently, he questioned what people would achieve by selling their votes for money.No one can change the strategies no matter how many questions Pawan raised. Need and situation play here. No one is less than anyone. Few people are saying that leaders would give something only if they required the votes.

Vote For Note became a tradition now. Not just that, even people with values have to spend money if they contest the elections. Former CBI JD JD Lakshmi Narayana has a good image among people.

People showered massive praises on him. He could not get at least a deposit when he contested the polls. The situation in AP changed so it would not be a surprise if the same situation happens for Chandrababu and Jagan tomorrow.

Keeping the scenes aside, it appears that Pawan Kalyan did not understand that for a long time. Now he changed his tongue. Pawan who met Kapus recently said that they will not take money in the next polls if any party gives.

Though it may be a surprise, it is true. Not just that, Pawan Kalyan urging people to vote for his party's symbol despite taking money became a sensation. Now the comments are doing rounds on social media.