Pawan Following Babu In This As Well..!

Sun Jan 19 2020 15:52:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandrababu Naidu ruined the Telugu Desam Party in Telangana with his two-eye stand. He doesn't give up hope on Telangana even after most Leaders & Cadre migrated to other parties upon getting vexed with his opportunistic/outdated policies. Shocking of all is the statement that he would spend two days in a week on Telangana Affairs after losing power in Andhra Pradesh.

Now, Naidu's Secret Partner Pawan Kalyan is singing the same tune. After forming the alliance with BJP, Jana Sena Chief expressed his willingness to focus on Telangana Politics as much as possible. The main focus of Powerstar seems to be on the Hyderabad City.

Political Analysts scratch their heads listening to the statements of Pawan Kalyan. They have no clue what to say when Pawan shifts focus to Telangana at the time when he has to concentrate only on AP.

Pawan Kalyan failed to leave much impact in the 2019 AP Elections. He himself couldn't win in any of the two constituencies contested by him. There can't be a bigger blow to a Charismatic Hero who is worshipped by lakhs of people. Better if PK gives himself a better chance by focussing only on AP Politics rather than wasting time by unnecessary interference in Telangana matters.