TDP's Mantra - In Abuse We Trust: PK

Mon Apr 23 2018 11:01:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

In the fresh Twitter rant, Pawan Kalyan described ABN Andhrajyothi RK as TDPJyothi Rathna. 'What is the culture of TDP, Abuse everyone.. Right from PM to Commoner. Good training, keep it up. TDP leaders has a great strategy to achieve "Special Category Status," Abuse Prime Minister of India in the most Unparliamentary language. Who advised? Definitely, it must be RK,' he wrote targeting Balayya's Speech at Dharma Porata Deeksha.

Pawan Kalyan mentioned American Constitution Preamble line "In God We Trust" to say TDP Constitution Preamble line is nothing but,"In Abuse We Trust." 'Do You Know Who is TDP's General Secretary for "Abuse Mother& Sister Wing" Who else? BoothuJyothi Rathna "RK",'Tweeted the Actor-Turned-Politician.

Jana Sena Chief made it clear Public Abuse and Public Apology doesn't work with him. 'For 6 months You ABUSE & Do Emotional Atyachar on Me, My Fans,Supporters, Friends, Party Cadre, Janasainks, Film Industry and as Cherry on the Top, You Abuse my Old Mother too.. You Sick minded degenerates and Now you send me feelers to apologise, privately!!,' fumed Powerstar.

PK questioned why should people read newspaper and watch channels which abuse people, their Mothers and Women in their family. At the same time, He maintained Media Houses who safeguard journalism values and treat everyone equally will always have his support. He informed about the plans to establish TFI's Aadapaduchula Athmagowrava Porata Samithi very soon.

Balakrishna made a blunder by abusing Narendra Modi in public. At least, He should have shown some respect for the post of Prime Minister. The Hindupur MLA claims to have not used abusive language and he just expressed the pain/anguish of public. People of the state know whether he used abusive words or not. Is it acceptable for the TDP MLA if the same abuses were hurled at AP CM? Why Balayya remained silent for the past four years even when Pawan described Special Status as two stale laddus. All of a sudden, He is talking about People's plight. Isn't this TDP Government which kept suppressing the movement for years?