Pawan Spent Only Rs 8 Lakh In Gajuwaka! Really?

Wed May 15 2019 14:14:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Election Commission permits Rs 28 lakh for MLA Candidate and Rs 70 lakh for MP Candidate as election expenditure. 18 Surveillance Teams appointed by the EC monitored the election expenditure of the candidates. Candidates submitted the expenditure chart to EC after the completion of campaigning. Officials were shocked to see Candidates claim they hadn't even spent half of the fund permitted by the Poll Body.

In Visakha, 166 Candidates are in race for 15 Assembly Seats and 34 Candidates contested in 3 Parliament Constituencies.


K Pawan Kalyan (JSP) - Rs 8,39,790

Palla Srinivasa Rao (TDP) - Rs 10,11,445


Sabbam Hari (TDP) - Rs 11,18,617

Muttamsetty Srinivasa Rao (YCP) - Rs 12,88,392

Panchakarla Sandeep (JSP) - Rs 4,66,930

Visakha North:

Ganta Srinivasa Rao (TDP) - Rs 23,19,325

KK Raju (YCP) - Rs 2,43,711

P Usha Rani (JSP) - Rs 57,950

There was a debate on Rs 8 lakh expenditure shown by Pawan Kalyan. It's true that Jana Sena Chief had neither bribed the voters nor made most of his party candidates indulge in such practices. There were reports that he even warned few JSP Candidates who tried to bribe voters to compete with TDP and YCP Candidates. Still, Is it really possible to get away with just Rs 8 lakh expenditure in an Assembly Constituency? Why because, Candidates will have to bear expenses such as cost of fuel in the vehicles of convoy and those of party workers, set up flexis and banners, arrange water & food for followers throughout the campaigning. Unofficial Expenditure of most MLA Candidates has been anywhere between Rs 10 crore to 40 crore. How did Pawan manage to do it with just Rs 8 lakh is a million dollar question. Election Commission might serve notices to Pawan Kalyan If it finds too much difference between his expenditure chart & the report provided by the surveillance teams.