Why is Pawan Kalyan sporting those rings with gemstone studs?

Mon May 09 2022 12:53:52 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan does believe in God, but never shows it off.  He always makes a conscious attempt to project himself as a progressive person with no overt religious belief. But, on Sunday, he surprised everyone by sporting two rings on the fingers of his right hand. This set off a furious debate as to whether the rings were meant to propitiate the unkind God.

On Sunday, he was seen sporting two gem-studded gold rings. By the very look of them, they appear to be the gem stones suggested by astrologers and soothsayers to propitiate the God. They did not look like some kind of gift. Pawan watchers went into a tizzy debating as to whether they were suggested by some astrologers to achieve success in his political endeavours.

The rings were on the fingers of his right hand and the gemstones were of different colours. Those who understand the gems say that the stones are meant to achieve success in his works. This could be professional or political or both, they say. Of late, Pawan has taken up several outreach programmes and has recently embarked on a Rythu Bharosa Yatra to reach out to the people of the state.

Sources also tried  to argue that the recent political activism too must have happened in the wake of some guidance and advice from the astrologers. He is believed to have worn the rings ever since he has decided to become active in AP politics. Sources say that he was advised by some close friends to consult an astrologer before he embarked upon the yatra.