Pawan Kalyan to join the agitation on bad roads in AP!

Mon Sep 06 2021 17:01:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Janasena party founded by Actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan has upped its game in targeting the Andhra Pradesh government. The political party has been highlighting the condition of the poor roads and potholes. The party activists and sympathisers are protesting against the road conditions by posting pictures and videos of the potholes.

Janasena is using social media to shed light on the poor conditions of the roads across the states. Lakhs of tweets were made by the party activists. Pictures and videos were also attached to the tweet.

However, the Janasena activists have alleged that they are being harassed and attacked as they are fighting against the bad conditions of the roads in the state. The issue was taken to the notice of Pawan Kalyan. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is not happy with this.

Janasena chief found fault with the police who are finding cases against Janasena leaders leaving who attacked them. The actions of the police are nothing but a betrayal of their duty.

Recalling the incident where the Janasena leaders were attacked when they erected flexies demanding the repair of the roads in Amadalavalasa, Pawan Kalyan said, the attacks took place in the presence of police. The police didn't even take the injured activists and leaders to the hospital. These kinds of situations make us concerned, he said.

The government is filing cases against the Janasena leaders are activists for their fight against the road's condition. Is it what we get when we fight for the people. Instead of filing cases against our leaders, the government should focus on addressing the issues faced by the people.

Filing cases and attacking out leaders is not the solution for the problems. It will not address the problem but increases and intensifies the problem. We will not sit idle if our leaders are put into such situations, Janasenani maintained.

Expressing severe concerns on the poor condition of the roads across the state, Pawan Kalyan said, if the state government won't address the issue at the earliest, he will hit the roads to join the protests. Don't drag the situation to that extent, Pawan Kalyan added.