Put Your Egos Aside: PK Tells Jana Sainiks

Sun Sep 23 2018 22:49:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan took a serious class to Jana Sainiks during the meeting at a hotel in Nellore where he had gone to take part in the Roti Festival. 'Just setting up flexis don't make anybody Leaders. We could achieve best results only if we work together putting our egos aside,' he cautioned.

A Woman Activist expressed her displeasure over lack of importance for sincere party workers. She complained few people have been making hungama all of a sudden just to grab the attention of the Party Supremo.

In reply, Pawan Kalyan asked Fans to realize they alone can't do anything and advised them to maintain good relations with all the sections of people. He warned fans not to make people distance party with their egos or bad behaviour.

Jana Sena Party have cadre in all the 13 Districts of AP. Lack of Leaders who could unite all the supporters is proving costly for the party. Better if Pawan Kalyan identifies those with leadership qualities as early as possible. Or else, Other parties would take advantage of the group wars in Jana Sena.