Pawan Miffed With Mega Brother! What For?

Thu Jun 27 2019 10:55:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Speculations are abuzz that Pawan Kalyan is miffed with Naga Babu who has been giving a miss to the review meetings and internal discussions post the 2019 Poll Debacle. The other reason for anguish seems to re-entry as Jabardasth Judge.

Sources close to Jana Sena say, Pawan Kalyan decided to offer one year time for the YCP Government to settle down. He would be targeting the Ruling Party if there are any irregularities only after the completion of this waiting period. Naga Babu have direct access to Pawan Kalyan and he is constantly in touch with his Younger Brother. Jana Senani is fine with Naga Babu continuing as judge for Jabardasth. He knew his Elder Brother will be ready to work for the party whenever there is a clear instruction from him.

Naga Babu is just one of the MP Candidates of Jana Sena Party. He wasn't appointed in any party posts so far. May be, Mega Brother could have played much more active role in the party had if he was offered a respectable post by now. It's up to Powerstar to decide how the services of his Brother should be utilised in the next 5 years.