Pawan 'Permits' Leaders To Fight Elections In Telangana

Thu Jan 09 2020 22:54:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

This is something only Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena can do. Pawan Kalyan's party did not contest the assembly elections in Telagnana. One expected Pawan to put up candidates at least in the Lok Sabha elections in the state of Telangana. But, he decided to extend support to the Bahujan Left Front led by the CPM.This front was a disaster. After that, Pawan did nothing for Telangana and did not even bother to conduct a review over the party’s performance in Telangana.

Now, as the notification for the urban body polls was issued, Pawan Kalyan has given his permission for the Jana Sena party workers to fight the elections. But, herein lies the catch. The Jana Sena will contest the urban body elections in Telangana, but its candidates will not be given the party symbol of glass. They will contest as independents and will get symbols other than Glass. This is Pawan Kalyan's way of fighting elections, a Jana Sena functionary, who did not like the decision, quipped.

Pawan, according to party sources, assured that he would support the party workers if they contested as independents. Does it mean that Pawan would campaign for them in Telangana?