Filmi Formula Does Not Work In Politics

Mon Jul 08 2019 20:24:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Leaders resort to pep talk to boost the morale of the party workers. This happens more when the party is defeated in the elections. So, when Pawan Kalyan too does it, there is nothing surprising. But, the problem is with trying to compare his film career with his political career.  During his speech to the NRIs at Virginia, he did the same thing. He said a lot of people have doubts as to whether his political career stays till 2024. But, he then tried to tell the NRIs that he is in for a long haul. He alluded to his film career and said that when he started his journey in the films with Toliprema, no one thought he would last this long and grow this big. Same way, Jana Sena too will grow big, he said.

But, one fails to understand, how politics and films are linked. Both are as different as chalk and cheese. Chiru had a hugely successful career, but his political career was a disaster and he had to come back to the films. Films are a different ball game. The filmi dynasties promote the hero despite flops and the hero might click after several failures. But, can this happen in politics? Will opportunity knock the door a second time? One has to contend with the strategies of the rivals and the charisma of other political leaders.

In fact, Pawan has to get over the image of a tool in the hands of Chandrababu. He has to give a purpose and a programme for the party. He has to catalyse the cadre and make them work to realise the ideal. Without these happening, will Pawan be able to revive Jana Sena?