In Talk: Pawan's Mission 50!

Sat Jan 19 2019 17:40:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan seems to have asked his partymen to prepare the list of 50 Constituencies which were represented by Most Corrupt MLAs. Jana Sena Team is already busy finalising the corrupt list sought by Powerstar.

The agenda of Pawan Kalyan seems to be highlighting the corrupt practices of Sitting MLAs during his poll campaigning. Thereafter, He would ask people to choose between Corrupt MLAs and Jana Sena Candidates.

It's highly impossible to continue Porata Yatra any longer as Assembly Polls could happen with 2-and-a-half Months. So, Pawan Kalyan might have opted for this new route to create necessary impact. He would expose the corrupt practices of MLAs hoping to improve the poll prospects of Jana Sena. What could be achieved with such a strategy will be known only after the elections.

This is the time Pawan Kalyan need to behave like a serious politician. People will closely observe his each and every move before casting their vote.