Pawan plays hide and seek, no response to Chandrababu's one-sided love

Sun Jan 09 2022 16:51:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

It appears the Jana Sena prefers to play hide and seek with the TDP. The idea, it appears, is aimed at teasing the TDP on the issue of a possible TDP-Jana Sena alliance. The Jana Sena has put off the propsed meeting of the party's executive committee on Sunday. The meeting was meant to discuss the possibility of a TDP-JanaSena alliance.

The TDP has opened up on the issue of alliance and has professed its 'one-sided' love towards the Jana Sena. It has realised that it cannot fight the YSRCP alone and needs alliances with both Jana Sena and the BJP. While BJP has not opened up yet, the Jana Sena has shown some interest in the proposal. Already both Jana Sena and the TDP are in unofficial alliance in several places in the state.

It was expected that Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan would meet the TDP leaders after his return from Russia, where he spent his Christmas vacation. However, though Pawan did return, he showed no intention of holding the party executive committee meeting. The meeting, which was to be held on Sunday was cancelled citing covid situation.

It now remains to be seen when Jana Sena chief holds his executive committee meeting. Based on the decision taken at the executive committee meeting, the talks would progress.  Till then, Chandrababu Naidu may have to do with his one-sided love.