Pawan's strange silence on Krishna water dispute

Sun Jul 18 2021 08:45:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

While both the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were fighting it over the sharing of Krishna waters, one politician remained very silent. He did not stir and did not utter even a word on the issue. Even while budding politicians like YS Sharmila were making statement after statement that not a drop of water would be allowed for Rayalaseema, this politician remained studiously silent.

Know who the politician is? It is Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan. Neither Pawan nor anyone from his party has cared to say anything on Krishna water dispute. They remained very silent. Sources say Pawan is treading cautiously on the issue, which he considers is a potential minefield. They say that Pawan does not want to take sides on this issue and annoy the other side at this juncture. He does not want to alienate anyone at this stage.

A few days ago, Pawan is said to have held a closed door meeting with several of his close associates to discuss the issue. The consensus at the meeting was that Pawan Kalyan and the Jana Sena should not comment on the issue as it is a ticklish issue and wait for the issue to take its course. He felt that both the state governments were at fault on the issue and taking sides would be counter-productive. He also reportedly felt that it was a trap set by both the ruling parties and that one should not fall into it.

Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan was vocal on issues like the Amaravati farmers and the special status issue. He not only spoke on the issues, but even toured the affected areas. But this time, he is of the opinion that discretion is the better part of valour. Sources also say that Pawan is also worried about the fallout of any comment he makes on his upcoming films. He does not want the high investment films to do well and does not want anything to disturb them.