What Is Payyavula Keshav's Future?

Thu Jun 27 2019 10:03:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

What is the future of Payyavula Keshav? This four time TDP MLA's political career is at the crossroads. He had lost last time and could not really get benefited by the TDP Government. He was, however, given an MLC post. This time around, he has won from Uravakonda, but his party is out of power. So, he will not get benefited by the TDP in any which way. So, future appears bleak for this senior politician. Keshav represents Uravakonda, which is close to Karnataka and the BJP influence will have a clear impact in any future election. If second and third level party workers join the BJP, his position would be considerably weakened and he would not be in a position to win the next election.

According to rumours floating around in Uravakonda, Keshav is mulling joining the BJP. This way, he can save his seat and continue to have some political future. There is said to be pressure on him from his backers to latch on to the BJP bandwagon.

Well! Changing parties is nothing new for Payyavula. His father was Anantapur District Congress President. Keshav had joined the TDP and contested on the party ticket only in 1994.   Since then, he had lost in 1999 and 2014. On both the occasions, the TDP had formed the government, but Keshav could not enjoy any position of power.