Pegasus spyware fears rock

Fri Jul 23 2021 18:18:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Pegasus Spy Software issue is not just rocking Parliament. It is continuing to send tremors of shock among the social activists and celebrities. Even in the two Telugu states, the activists and civil society leaders are worried about their being spied on.

Among the names that figured in the infamous incident is Prof. Haragopal. A leftist, pro-Maoist activist, who also projects himself as a human rights activist, is being spied on. With this, many other leaders with similar political leanings are a worried lot. There are reports that pro-Maoist intellectual Varavara Rao's family members are also spied upon. Sources said that Pegasus software was  found in their mobile phones too. In Karnataka too, similar fears are being expressed. Several pro-Left intellectuals with known anti-BJP moorings are said to be targeted.

Meanwhile, the farmers' agitation leaders also suspect that they are under surveillance and that their mobile phones too could be hacked. They feel that the Central Government is knowing their moves in advance and is planning counter moves. They feel that the spying software may have played a key role in weakening the farmers' agitation in Delhi. Several leaders have now ome out of the movement because of the pressure from the government agencies.

In the Parliament, the opposition parties have stalled the proceedings for the third day in a row. They wanted the government to apologise for the spying. However, the government has strongly refuted the criticism and said that it has already given a statement. It said it has nothing more to say. The Pegasus thus is rocking the anti-Government activists big time across the country.