People Give These Reasons For Not Wearing Facemasks: A Survey

Wed Jul 14 2021 13:04:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since the emergence of the novel Coronavirus, a lot of things became a new normal to us and wearing facemasks is surely on of them. To be safe from the virus, experts and government has been urging people to wear a facemask.

However, people lost the fear towards the Covid.Compared to the first wave, people are showing negligence in following the Covid protocols.

This is a dangerous trend, given the warnings of the experts that a possible third wave of the dreaded Covid might hit the country.

To understand why people are showing hesitancy in wearing facemasks a survey was conducted and the reasons people have for not wearing facemasks has stunned everyone.

The respondents have three reasons for this. They feel like not wearing facemasks aa it causes difficulties for breathing. The second reason is that they feel uncomfortable by wearing the masks.

The third reason is a big concern. The respondents are of the opinion that, they need not wear facemasks if they follow physical distance.

At a press conference, the Union Health Ministry gave the reasons mentioned by the respondents of the survey and urged everyone to not stop wearing facemasks and said there is no truth that the facemasks will not save from the pandemic.

The lockdown restrictions were lifted in a lot of states and the restrictions have been eased with the Covid cases coming down. However, the states and union territories have urged the people to continue wearing the facemasks and imposed a fine on those who violate the rules.