People Using Gadapa Gadapaku Program to Criticise Govt!

Sat May 21 2022 13:41:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Though there are doubts about when the general elections will come in Andhra Pradesh, all the parties in the state including the ruling YSRCP had focused on creating a positive image for them among the voters with a strong hope that the image will translate to votes in the ballot box war.

As the taxes and the increase in prices of the commodities brought the government into the bad books of the people, the Andhra Pradesh government launched a massive door-to-door visit titled 'Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam'. The government pinned high hopes on creating a positive image.

Despite the government saying that the response to the Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam Programme has been good and it is going as planned, the ground reality is different. While the government wants to highlight the governance and the welfare schemes, the programme is not going as planned.

The MLAs touring in their respective constituencies are facing the heat from the people as they are facing a flood of questions on various issues. Staring with the bad road conditions to fuel prices to electricity charges hike, people are using this as a platform to question the leaders.

With the leaders landing at their doorstep under the programme, the people in the areas are using it as a golden opportunity to shoot the questions they wanted to ask the leaders.

As an unexpected development, the supporters and party workers are shocking the rulers by boycotting the program and raising anti-government slogans. Listing out the issues they are facing, people are showering questions making it tough for the leaders to finish the program.

The voters are believed to be angry at the legislators to a point that pacifying them is turning out to be a big task for the leaders. They are not leaving the legislators until they get the desired answers and explanations.

Unable to make the people understand the situation and pacify them, a few leaders are reportedly leaving the program midway without covering the areas. This shows how tough people are making it tough for the leaders to face them in the door-to-door campaign planned by the government.