Rs 1000, Biryani Packet & Quarter Liquor!

Wed Nov 28 2018 13:55:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

As per Election Commission norms, An MLA Candidate can't spend more than Rs 28 lakh for the entire election campaigning. A Political Party which is contesting only in 1/10th of the total seats in Telangana has been spending not less than Rs 50 lakh per day in Two Constituencies.

In these two Assembly Segments dominated by Andhra Settlers, Unemployed Youth have been hired to campaign for the MLA Candidates. They were paid Rs 1,000 per head, Biryani Packet & Quarter Liquor on daily basis. For Two Wheelers, Petrol has been offered so as to mobilize crowds for the rallies.

If the buzz is true one of the MLA Candidates was given the responsibility of funding the election expenditure of another Candidate who belongs to an influential family.

This harsh reality reflects the desperation of the Political Parties to prove their existence by winning at least few seats. Will these candidates who are spending crores for victory really care about the development of the constituency?