Sabarimala Issue - Sentiment Or Politics?

Sat Oct 20 2018 18:43:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Except in Karnataka, BJP hardly have its presence in South India. The National Party seems to be implementing Operation South firstly in Kerala which is the only state where Left holds power.

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan made it clear Supreme Court verdict allowing women in menstrual age into Sabarimala Temple will be implemented. Whereas, Hindu Outfits in Kerala have been opposing the SC order and resorting to violence. BJP has been leading the protests from the front. Even RSS & Shiv Sena became active in Kerala making use of the present situation.

The agenda of BJP seems to be polarization of Hindu Votes in Kerala making use of the Sabarimala sentiment. After getting hold of power in Left-bastion Tripura, Saffron Party is eyeing God's Own Country. PM Modi should explain to the nation how fair is it to politicize a religious issue. Why don't he take the initiative to make all the Hindu Outfits abide by the Supreme Court order?