A Quick Turn In Hayat Nagar's Murder Case

Wed Oct 30 2019 15:21:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Hayat Nagar case of a Daughter killing her own mother which shocked the entire state took a new turn. It has been reported that the lover of that Daughter has made her kill her mother. The police were shocked by the outcome of the results during the investigation.

The police have arrested Keerthi along with her lover Sashi Kumar. She admitted that she and her lover killed her mother. After knowing the truths in the case, the police were shocked.

According to the police reports, on the 19th of this month, when Keerthi's mother Rajitha went out, Sashi went to their house. Rajitha became furious after finding them in the house and warned them to be in their limits. Sashi told Keerthi that we can be happy only if we get rid of her.

Later he went to Keerthi's house with some beer bottles. While Rajitha was inside the room, he made Keerthi drink some beer and intoxicated her. After she got intoxicated they both went inside and he has locked the door. While Keerthi kept a pillow on Rajitha's face to stop her from screaming, Sashi choked Rajitha and killed her. They have framed this murder as a suicide.

The police said that the murderers have stored the dead body in the house for three days. With the smell coming from the body they shifted the body to Ramanna Railway Gate in Yadadri district.

The police have collected three beer bottles in Keerthi’s house. They are also investigating to find out if any other people are involved in this case.

We will get the complete details once the police give an official statement.