Police crackdown on protesters on KCR's visit to Warangal

Mon Jun 21 2021 18:20:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Netizens on Monday trolled Telangana CM KCR and his son KTR over the spate of arrests by the police on the eve of KCR’s visit to Warangal. The police made several preventive arrests in and around Warangal. Several leaders from the Opposition parties were taken into custody.

From 6 am on Monday, hours before KCR arrived in Warangal, the police began conducting raids on the houses of the leaders of the Opposition parties such as the BJP and the Congress.  The police imposed Section 144 in places that the CM has visited. All the shops in these places closed down to ensure that no protester hides in them. The police began arresting the protesters from from Sunday evening itself. A a large number of leaders, who went underground, were arrested as they tried to come out of the houses they were hiding in.

However, the opposition took to the social media in a big way and trolled the ruling TRS and chief minister KCR. They reminded that KCR himself was a leader who became popular through agitations and protests. How can he stop our protests, which are democratic, a Congress leader asked.