George Floyd Kind Of Incident Takes Place In Jodhpur

Fri Jun 05 2020 17:40:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

While we are still unable to forget the sad and brutal incident of Africa American George Floyd a similar incident took place that to in Jodhpur of Rajasthan. The video of the incident went viral.

The shocking incident took place on Thursday when the victim Mukesh Kumar Prajapat was caught by police constables for not wearing a safety mask as wearing a safety mask was made mandate for people in public places.

In the video, police can be seen placing their knee on the neck of the man. This resulted in widespread criticism over the behavior of the cops.

However, the police alleged that Prajapat started slapping and attacking the cops when they asked him for violating the norms. DCP Chandra said that Prajapat started beating and threatening the cops.

Jodhpur DCP (West) Priti Chandra came into the rescue of the constables and said that the constables did so for self-defense as a step to stop the man from attacking them.