Political Parties going after SCs and BCs for Huzurabad elections

Sun Sep 12 2021 15:36:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana is all set to witness an intense ballot box war in the form of Huzurabad byelections. The political parties are busy making plans to win the polls. The political outfits are hatching plans to field BC and SC candidates for the by-poll.

The political parties are carefully making their moves to turn the votes of BCs and SCs for the forthcoming by-elections, that is expected to be commenced soon. Compared to the other parties, TRS is a few steps ahead.

TRS had launched the Dalit Bandhu scheme to turn the SCs towards the party. A few schemes to lend a financial hand to the BCs in the state were also launched. The new moves are expected to increase the winning chances of TRS.

The saffron party Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) is also taking the same route. The party is projecting former TRS leader and Ex-Minister of Telangana Cabinet Etela Rajender as the candidate. By doing so, the party is aiming to get solid votes from the BCs.

The Congress party is also planning a similar strategy by banking on the BC vote back. Konda Surekha, a former Minister is expected to be the Congress party candidate for the by-elections. It is said that Congress wants to benefit by fielding a BC leader.

As plan B, the Congress party is gathering support from other corners as well. Seeing that Manda Krishna Madiga and R Krishnaiah of BC Welfare Association are differing with the ruling TRS, the Congress had sought help from the two leaders. As they can be the game-changer, it's important to see whether they will support Congress or not.

Manda Krishna Madiga is in a state of confusion on whom to support in the elections. Etela Rajender had also met Manda Krishna Madiga and sought his support. Let us wait and see what happens with the Huzurabad by-elections.