Poor Alka Lamba Loses Badly In Delhi

Wed Feb 12 2020 10:57:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

The most pitiable condition in Delhi election is that of the most beautiful lady in the poll fray. Alka Lamba, a glamorous and attractive four-time MLA from the Congress, has lost the election and lost it very badly. She had won thrice as a Congress MLA and once as an AAP MLA. She is hugely popular and is known for her constant people-connect.

Yet, this time around, she lost very badly. She came a poor third in Chandnichowk with just 3881 votes. The AAP has won this election from this constituency. A student leader known for her fiery oratory and amiable ways, she could not connect with the voters this time. The response to her campaign was poor and despite her best efforts, she remained way too lower in the voting order. She left the AAP to re-join the Congress Party.

There were 17 people who shifted from their original parties to other parties and contested elections. Of them nine have won. Among them, five are AAP candidates, who had defected from the Congress Party. Poor Alka Lamba is now finding herself at the crossroads with nowhere to go.