Popular US Media Outlet claims, Covid-19 infections are casualties in India are being under-reported

Wed Apr 28 2021 15:08:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

The ongoing second wave of Coronavirus in India has made several nations express their concerns and extend their support for the country. International media has come down severely on Modi.

Accusing the Union Government of mishandling the virus situation, the international media has credited the election rallies and Kumbh Mela as the main reason behind the virus spread in the country.

Leading Media outlet in the United States, CNN has now claimed that the Coronavirus cases and casualties are being underreported in India.

In a story, the media outlet claimed that India is hiding more than 30 percent of actual Coronavirus infections and casualties. We have the required evidence to prove our claims, the outlet said.

As per the data shared by the Indian government, 1.76 crore individuals have come in contact with the virus, while only more than two lakh people lost their lives. But our findings have found out that around 52 crore people might have tested Covid-19 positive and nearly 10 lakh people succumbed to Covid-19, CNN said.

Drawing the comparison between the Covid-19 situations in the country during the first wave and second wave, the media outlet has attributed aspects like testing in small numbers, shortage of resources, and public negligence for the rise in infections and deaths.

The popular media outlet has even claimed that, India might witness the peaks of the virus and the Covid-19 deaths might reach the five figures in May. CNN has appealed to the Indian government to focus on the required measures to tackle the virus spread.