Portfolios Allotted..Yet Everything In KCR's Control!

Wed Feb 20 2019 18:11:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao is able to retain power with a thumping majority. Administration Skills, Welfare Schemes and Strategic Moves fetched memorable victory for the TRS Supremo. After the victory in Assembly Polls 2018 by a huge margin, He began holding complete grip on the party and government.

KCR went for cabinet expansion 69 days after forming the government. Not even a single TRS Leader have the guts to question the leadership about it...Such is the command KCR have on the party.

Generally, Ministers will have the luxury of appointing a Personal Secretary and Two PROs of their choice. Much to the shock of new Ministers, KCR made it clear that he himself would appoint their Personal Secretaries. He permitted Cabinet Colleagues to appoint just PROs of their choice.

Role of PS is going to be very crucial in any Minister Peshi. They will be having complete details about the Ministers day-to-day activities. If KCR himself chooses Personal Secretaries for Ministers, It's like tracking all of their activities and everything that happens comes to his notice. Let's see how does Ministers respond on the new rule..!