Possible Third Wave of Covid to have a deadly impact on children!

Fri Jun 04 2021 20:56:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

The present Covid pandemic has been ringing the danger bells in the country. With the second wave creating havoc in India, other nations are extending support by supplying medical supplies and vaccines.

SBI had earlier warned that the third wave of Coronavirus might enter the country that is likely to be as fierce and severe as the ongoing second wave.

With the experts warning that the third wave is expected to have an impact on children, the Andhra Pradesh government had earlier formed the Paediatric Covid-19 Task Force, which comprises various experts. The main task of the committee is to advise the government on how to protect the children in the state.

B Chandrasekhar Reddy, the chairman of AP Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation was appointed as the head of the Task Force

Mr. Reddy said, if the third wave hits the country, 25 percent of children below 18 would get infected with the virus, while six percent of them might be required to get admitted to hospitals.

“Out of the children, who might get admitted to hospitals, only one percent of them might need ICU facility, while the mortality rate would be below 0.6 percent. The study is underway to get more information on this, Chandrasekhar Reddy said.

In the last two weeks, as many as 23,920 children below 18 had tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. Earlier, Maharashtra reported 8,000 infections among children.