Post-covid, More Employees Prefer "work-from-home"

Sat Sep 25 2021 17:00:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

While Covid scare is on the wane across the globe, the corporate world is now planning to come back to the ‘Work-from-the-office" mode. Though working from home is financially more rewarding, the corporate feel working from the office is more productive. By the turn of the next year, most companies are planning to operate from the offices. But, herein lay the catch. Not many employees are now interested in coming back to the offices. IT and non-IT workers alike now prefer to work from home.

Recent surveys by business groups and job consultancies show that world over, the employees seem to prefer to work from homes. London-based Pricewaterhousecoopers survey involving several lakhs of employees drawn from across the globe says that an estimated 41 per cent of the employees prefer to work from their homes The PWC has conducted a similar survey in January this year. Only 29 percent preferred to work from their homes. Now the number has gone up to 41 per cent.

In India too, an Internet Broadband Company collected responses from 1.5 lakh employees and 48 per cent of the employees rooted for work from home. In Hyderabad, an estimated 40 per cent of the employees have gone to their villages and small towns in the hinterland and are working from there. Interestingly, many employees were ready to resign from their current jobs and take to ‘work-from-home’ jobs. On many occasions, they are getting ready work even for less salary if it meant working from home